What makes me qualified to organize your home? Being organized is a state of mind. It can be taught to some extent, but for the lucky few, we are born with it! The need to have a place for everything and everything in its place is how we live!

My life experience has provided me the tools and knowledge I need to help me help others in the areas of home organization. I’ve worked in fields of Retail Visual Merchandising, Household Management and Floral Design. My passion for working with children’s spaces stems from my love for children and a background as a Teacher, Nanny and a mom. I’ve studied Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Interior Design at Endicott College.

I love to help people! It is such a wonderful feeling to have helped someone reclaim their home after years of living with clutter and stress. I feel so blessed to have a career that enables me to improve lives while also tapping into my creativity and love for order, art and design.

I am committed to low-waste solutions and am a strong believer in re-using and re-purposing items in the home when possible. With a little paint and creativity, old things can often be brought back to life and save you money at the same time!!